Meet the Team Behind FrontNow

FrontNow uses artificial intelligence to connect producers and bricks-and-mortar retailers so that consumer goods are offered exactly where they meet a particularly large number of ideal customers.

Our Management

Bernhard Lihotzky

Director of Solutions

As the founder of a manufacturing company, Bernhard himself has experienced how time-consuming and energy-sapping the path to stationary retail is. Wanting to change this inefficient Status Quo led to the founding of FrontNow.

Sascha Woge

Director of Supplier Success

Sascha and his team are responsible for the success of our suppliers. He is a matchmaking expert and ensures that we get the right products to the right retail stores.

Cedric May

Director of Technology

As Director of Technology, Cedric bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers with innovative technology concepts and apps. In addition to his own software companies, Cedric has led development at companies such as Salesforce Germany, Coca-Cola and DailyDeal.

Marc Funk

Director of Growth

As the founder and managing director of FrontNow, Marc has the retailer expertise within the team. As the ex-founder of the online-supermarket getnow, he knows the challenges of retail and the importance of a differentiated shelf range, tailored to the customers' wishes first-hand.

Alexander Emming

Director of Buyer Happiness

Alexander is our buyer relations manager on the platform. He establishes the essential contacts to the major trading partners and other cooperation partners.

Our Advisory Board

Norbert Weichele

Co-CEO at Zentis

"FrontNow is leveling the playing field between tech giants like Amazon and brick-and-mortar retailers, and I'm excited to help make that happen."

Dominik Dommick

Managing Director at PAYBACK

"I share FrontNow's vision of strengthening brick-and-mortar retail and city centers. FrontNow creates statistical images of the customer base of every supermarket in the country and thus knows where particularly many customers actually shop for a product. This data-based approach convinced me."

Stephan Tahy

CEO at Duravit

"FrontNow convinced me because the company takes a smart and logical approach to strengthening brick-and-mortar retail as a sales channel for the consumer goods industry."

Interested in working with us?

At FrontNow, we are constantly looking for exciting talent in the areas of technology, marketing and sales. If you're looking for an exciting job with a fast-growing company, check out our job postings now or submit an application at

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